Single Cell Multi-omics Analysis

Macrogen provides personalized single cell multi-omics analysis services based on extensive experience and innovation.

Single-cell gene sequencing is used to analyze gene expression profile and genetic changes in a single cell, which is a functional and structural unit of an organism. As it becomes possible to determine cellular heterogeneity, rare cell population, cellular differentiation, chromatin heterogeneity, immune profile, and surface protein profile in a single cell unit, this technique is applied to various fields of research including selection of cell treatments, stem cells, and cancer development and progression. Macrogen quickly provides a high level of genetic sequencing data based on its ability to perform NGS (next generation sequencing), which ranks first in Korea and fifth in the world. Furthermore, we are leading the market by diversifying single-cell sequencing services, thanks to industry-leading genome sequencing expertise accumulated over 24 years and investment in big data and unexplored areas.

Single Cell Multi-omics analysis

single cell RNA sequencing

Single cell expression analysis

single nucleus RNA sequencing

Analysis of gene expression after isolation of nucleus from samples that are difficult to progress to single cells

single cell immune profiling

Single cell TCR and BCR gene expression analysis

single cell surface protein profiling

Analysis of proteins located on the surface of single cells

single cell ATAC sequencing

Analysis of single-nucleus DNA's accessibility

single cell Multiome sequencing

Simultaneous analysis of single-nucleus DNA's accessibility and gene expression

With the advent of the single-cell sequencing technique, it became possible to analyze trace amounts of cellular genes and those expressed in small amounts, which cannot be examined through conventional gene analysis. As a result, we are able to gain insights into individuals' environment, genetics, and biological characteristics in detail, allowing us to get one step closer to realizing ultra-precision medicine that can predict, prevent, and diagnose diseases. Macrogen has carried out the most single cell sequencing projects in Korea, and is the only CSP (Certified Service Provider) in the country for single cell gene expression and spatial gene expression services. In addition, we are leading the market by diversifying single-cell sequencing services by introducing innovative single-cell sequencing techniques.